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Project ‘We Live And Remember in Color

Mission Statement.

Project "We Live And Remember In Color" ground breaking mission is to unify the awareness colors of health and humanity in one ribbon. Our objective is to stress the importance of knowing your color. Knowing your color is the key to mind and body support, disease prevention and humanitarian assistance. Because people give most to what matters to them, project "We Live And Remember In Color" intends to showcase events in collaboration with other organizations in fundraising efforts toward the many "Colors" that affect us all.

Quinton de’Alexander

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”           -Helen Keller
No better quote expresses the philosophy of the exciting and avant-garde designer Quinton de’Alexander.  Living in New Orleans, an area rich with diversity and culture, Quinton’s curiosity about the clothes and how they were structured was recognized by him and supported by his family at an early age.  At eight years old, he saw a sewing machine at a local garage sale and asked if he could have it.  Thank goodness for the world of fashion and for those of us who benefit from that world, that young Mr. de’ Alexander was not denied.

Quinton began by teaching himself, through trial and error, how to make things.  At a rate belying his talent and imagination he saw his first creations within hours of setting up his new “toy” -perfect potholders- an event that sparked the journey of his life’s vocation.  Day after day he would feed his newfound passion and sit at his Singer sewing machine and recreate garments that he had studied.  Without any patterns or formal education in design, he worked at the concept until he got it right.

Now due to that unstoppable spirit and determination he demonstrated as a youth, every design created by Quinton is not only right, it’s breath taking!  Based in Chicago, Illinois, Quinton is the Founder/President of Chez de ‘Alexander.  He has created designs for an impressive range of clientele- from celebrities to small non-profit organizations.  He is a strong believer in giving back to the community and has been doing so throughout his career.

Quinton is known for what is referred to as “Drama Dresses” - dresses designed to display and say so much that every head must turn to admire that “incredible work of art”.  In addition to his extensive line of women’s apparel, he also has a line if distinguished men’s apparel.  Featuring powerful suits and relaxing eveningwear, the sky is the limit when it comes to his creativity.  Quinton de’ Alexander is taking the fashion industry by storm with ease and astonishing style as he continues to please and amaze clients throughout the United States with his unquestionable talent and passion for making fashion come to life.

In  addition to countless fashion shows, Quinton has received numerous local and national awards such as the Fred Hampton Image Award, “2011 Mahogany Foundation Image Award” for excellence in costume design.  Quinton’s designs were showcased in the “1995 Canadian Club Tribute to Black Designers” held in Oakland, California where he was the feature designer for (SONGDIVA) which he also Executive Produced, and CO-Directed, 2012 Black Heritage Award (clothing designer of the year), 2000 University of Illinois (Hester Bates Foundation ) Community Service Award, 2003 Russell Maryland Community Service Award, ‘Westside Youth Technical Entrepreneur Center Youth Center ‘2010 Thanksliving Award’ for Outstanding Leadership and Service and the 2011 (Teen Parent Services-Central) Outstanding and Dedicated Service Award.
Additional information on Quinton de’Alexander
“The name de ’Alexander is certainly one to remember, “ says the Oakland Post.  “ His designs will leave you breathless,” reported the Chicago Tribune.  The Washington Post says, “de Alexander … Simply Marvelous!

Quinton’s television, stage and film credits read like a list straight out of “Who’s Who”, with nine stage productions under his wings that have featured his original designs including “Harlem Suite” which starred Stephanie Mills and Maurice Hines, “Beauty Shop III”, a Shelly Garrett production, Q & E Productions’, “SONGDIVA”, “The Spiritual Revolt of Nathan Branch” at the Du Sable Museum of African American History, J. Ruffin Entertainment ‘The Color Purple‘ and Mahdi Theatre Company's 'Love Jones'. Quinton will mount his new production ’Full Moon Blues’ Fall 2014. Maintaining a busy schedule does not prevent Quinton from giving back to the community.  Working with organizations and charities such as The Chicago Academy for the Arts, The Service Club, Feed The Children, My Sister’s Keeper, Illinois X-citement ‘Girls Basketball Program, University of Illinois Extension Youth Program, La Rabida Children’s Hospital; Department of Human Services Teen Parent Services Central; Celebrating Life Breast Cancer Foundation; Concerned Citizens Inc./Mothers House; Senior Lifestyle Corporation production of ‘Serendipity’ 2005, 06, 07 &2008 (Chicago’s Seniors on Stage); Sponsored by the Honorable Richard M. Daley.

Quinton is also Chairman/CEO of Creativity United, Creativity United ‘Performance Arts Scholarship, Chairman of The Goddess Sorority, an organization which gives support to emotional, physical and mentally abused women and Executive Producer of The Midwest Fashion and Beauty Awards.  Mr. de ‘Alexander, was a featured fashion designer in  Ebony Fashion Fair Traveling Tour and a featured designer in the “ Tribute to Black Designers’ February 2005 “Ebony” edition.  Quinton’s most honored award is having November 6th, 1999 declared Quinton de ‘Alexander’s Day in Illinois by the Honorable Richard M. Daley for his dedication to charitable services.  Quinton is proud to be the designer of the Lupus Foundation Souvenir scarves and bags “de Alexander Signature Collection. On October 26, 2012, de’Alexander pre launched his ‘Project ‘We Live and Remember in Color’ Midwest Tour launching Fall 2014. As well as Partnered with The Aloe Plus Weight Loss Center in the fight against (Obesity).
                                                  QUINTON HAS AMAZED…
The Service Club ‘Chicago’                              Gene Siskel Center ‘Oscar Night’
The Chicago Academy for the Arts                  Maxim’s ‘Chicago
Baltimore Harold Newspaper                           Westside Youth Technical Entrepreneurship Center 
Mrs. Illinois Pageant                                          Celebrating Life Foundation
Real Fathers, Real Men                                      Chicago Music Awards        
The Stellar Awards                                             Today’s Black Woman Expo
United Negro College Fund                               Ebony Fashion Fair        
Urban League                                                     Bras for Hope           
La Rabida Children’s Hospital                          City of Hope ‘Breast Cancer Research’