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                                          'A CALL TO COLORS'  Written by Gloria Walker-Oliver


This is a call to Colors

As valiant and strong a nation I belong

That's not the refrain of this song

The colors I refer? Prefer..?

That my soul rattles and stir

Are the colors of life.


Every experience has a gradation of tint

That signifies it's weakness.. it's strength

The hue will educate..to devastate you

Yes! Your complexion can recreate, ground and direct.

We breathe in Colors.


This is a call to Colors

A multi Chroma march into Destiny

A magnificent journey predisposed To GOD's touch


With all the misfortune.. how can you tell..?

When your inner core tweaks higher than your outer

and you swell.


With every new tincture and tinged.. Your value increase

GOD's grip is strong and when

He release.. You...


The specter of HIM left behind

Will reflect from you and cause

Your reality to be different from Your appearance.

We glow in colors.


This is a call to Colors


A Brilliant vibration of stance

Push and pull infused

With beams that supersede your

Own thoughts and deeds


Whatever your intent, GOD's circumvent

Any All deceit, Transpose your goals.. Reinvent

And fortify your Pose


The pain of Birth Segway you

To be flush with the Rush of the

Promised arch of His hand


Your Uncompromising exertion will suffice as He hover's

We Live and Remember in COLORS.






 'Through My Eyes'  Written by Rev. Crystal A. Wilson-Honesty


I wish you could see yourself

Through my eyes


Then you would see the beauty

That encompasses you

From the inside out


The type of beauty that cannot

Be married by jaded society

Through my eyes I see

A heart, that after feeling pain

Is still willing to love


A kind, generous spirit

That can't be held down

And, oh, the passion

Through my eyes


I see your greatness

I see all the things you are

Have been

And ever will become

Through my eyes


I see the good in you

And GOD in you

Through my eyes


I see you

I see life

I see love!